Senhor Mau Mau: the summoning of a tyrant!

Outra Fronteira's own João Paulo Simões will soon invoke the ancient spirit of Senhor Mau Mau

The next coming months will mark the arrival of Senhor Mau Mau to a portable screen near you...
A brand-new music video conceived & directed by João Paulo Simões for this groundbreaking collective.

(You'll never look at music videos the same way again…).

Portuguese Filmmaker João Paulo Simões was born in 1976 and is the grandson of legendary Angolan poet Maurício de Almeida Gomes. 
He trained mainly as an Editor, during his film education and, once finished the course, developed a challenging project that was to be his first official outing as a Writer/Director: the short film Imogen Meets The Merchant (2001).
It was followed by Overture (2002), which marked a clear decision to experiment with digital technology.
Soon after, Simões embraced the opportunity of making a film in his hometown of Lisbon with Torpor (2003), the first Portuguese-language film produced under newly formed Captüra Filmes. It was made on a shoestring budget, with black & white digital cinematography embellished by a poetic narrative and a lavish score/sound design.
Once back in England, a new project entered pre-production: Duchess, Duchess (2004), an old-fashioned tale of retrospective jealousy leading to inevitable infidelity, which was pre-selected at Cannes Film Festival 2004 and has since been bought and broadcast on Sky TV four times. 

Amongst the earlier music video work, highlights are: the full-length DVD that accompanied the Sieben album, High Broad Field and Dolphins In Canada for New York project The Great Churn. 2007 sees the foundation of a new company, Frontier Media - under which a variety of short films, commissioned documentaries, promotional and music videos are produced. 

Amar Salgado for the project Nanashi had the most challenging approach to date: a hybrid between film and music video, which would be perfected later with Victim for Sow, He Can Delve In Hearts - Sieben + Simões' finest collaboration to date - and in the controversial Lust for American hip-hop project Ithaka.

Created by Lord of Chaos