Instant Death Box

“Instant Death Box” is the groundbreaking, genre-defying, debut EP from the paranormal rock trio Fletcher Dervish, scheduled for release in March 2014. Lead by Matt Harris (bass), Dan Cliffe (guitar and vocals) and the portuguese drummer Ricardo Lourinho, the band has been gaining some notoriety and cult following as a result of extremely intense live performances and audacious showmanship. Displaying an eclectic array of influences, “Instant Death Box” will exorcise almost immediately whoever falls into the very first seconds of this record, allured by the hypnotic Lord of Chaos. Followed by Sober Cannibal, an epic tale of tears, sweat and revenge, this record has started now its twenty minutes long mutation at an incredible speed and dramatic chain of events.
Lost in the mists of time Tiny Devices of Doom evoke an ancient rite of passage and will lead the Army of Doom to a furious Ringtone Massacre. No one will be spared by the intricate rhythmical approach and the melodic finesse achieved on this standout track. Needless to say Fletcher Dervish have now, by far, given endless reasons to prove they are playing in a league of their own and exercising their sonic muscles to a cosmic extend.

Through the Marble Orchard comes to celebrate the living dead and re-heat long gone passions in the dark. Another jewel inside the Instant Death Box, elevated by the richness of the percussion elements and the magical horn section that sets the mood for an epic finale. Approaching the end, we are thrown into the horror tale of Fletchergeist, an evil hymn celebrating the birth and uprising of Senhor Mau Mau, the final track on which Fletcher Dervish raises the bar once again by blending what can be easily described as Metal, Electronic and Ethnic music into a unique element of sonic prowess.

Instant Death Box

Debut EP

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