Fletcher Dervish

Fletcher Dervish is a musical collective based in Sheffield, UK, formed in mid 2011 by Dan Cliffe, Matt Harris and Ricardo Lourinho. The band has intensively (and extensively) dissected assorted musical influences, shaped them in to an eclectic and sublime musical art form and delivers now a genre defying sound, ranging from Funk/Rock to Noise/Experimental, Metal/Core to Blues/Ethnic.

"Instant Death Box" EP will be the band's first independent release and will be out early 2014. The EP Includes 7 tracks (Through the Marble Orchard, Fletchergeist, Senhor Mau Mau, Tiny Devices of Doom, Ringtone Massacre, Lord of Chaos and Sober Cannibal ) and throws the listener straight up to Fletcher Dervish's parallel universe, in a spiralling wave of emotion and dazzle. "Instant Death Box" was recorded and pre-mixed by the drummer Ricardo Lourinho and taken to sound engineer Robin Downe (House of Constant Pop / Yellow Arch Studios) for the final mixing and mastering. "Through the Marble Orchard", the first track, has had the invaluable contributions of Paul Butler (Percussion), James Atashroo (Trumpet), Dave Hamilton (Trombone) and Jamie Rutherford (Sax).

Fletcher Dervish are:

Dan "Mash" Cliffe - Guitar / Vocals

Ricardo Lourinho - Drums/Programming

Matt Harris - Bass